~paranormals: the rules.
gameplay and activity.
we currently have two comms: crescenthills for ic interaction, burialplots for ooc interaction. journals will be used for the community network, and filters do work on them. as this is a gpsl, we will have activity checks every month and as such, we ask that you at least be active in two scenes or to have a scene and a narrative or to be active in one scene/narrative and two network posts. you cannot post on the same day you post your update. upon removal, to keep the plots going, we will give your character the choice of having gone missing or having been killed. should you reapply, we'll discuss how to amend the continuity. and should you reapply, please have an update ready.
this game is supernatural and horror focused. there will be upsetting, and most likely, triggering content covered. we allow that, and are fine with it. however. if you are apping a character where triggering content is depicted/described, we require a warning above the entry and the cut. we also require that every scene is required to have these noted. the very last thing we, as mods, want to do is to accidentally trigger someone in game or to cause discomfort. it's not cute, it's not funny, and it's not okay. failure to do this will result in a warning and post deletion. you may repost the scene/log if you have proper trigger warnings listed. if not, please see yourself out. if you have a question about triggers, and what they are, please ask us. if you want to talk to us if it comes up unexpectedly in the log, go ahead and let us know.
real life gets busy. here, we allow hiatuses and slowatuses (where you're here but you're a little slow.) we don't alow prolonged periods of hiatus, as that can affect gameplay in major ways. anything over a month with no update, and you will be removed.
character limit.
we do not have a character limit but we recommend that you only take on one to three characters max. this isn't a rule, but we suggest it so that you can be equally active with every character you take on here. if you want to bring in a more than that, you have to pass a grace period of a month. we don't wat you to get overwhelmed! once that is passed, please contact us about it. this includes future lotteries for species slots.
signups, loterries, and submissions.
along with that, we will be having activities here to further character development. some may be ic and some may be ooc but we do ask that you participate in as many of these as you can. we also will be having plot calendars and sign ups as the game progressed, including lotteries where members can submit plot ideas that we can utilize in the future. if you are picked, the mods will contact you and we will discuss how to make the plot happen in game. we really want to make this fun for everyone, and to encourage participation. we ask that you stay friendly no matter how settled into your storylines that you get! please treat this community as a place to develop your character; the focus on aesthetics is simply something we don't care that much for nor an overt focus on people who only play with one or two people. we'll be having custom and scene exchanges to help everyone get comfortable and experience with everyone.
player behavior.
last of all, any bad behavior will be taken seriously by mods. rp is for fun, for writing, and exploration. it's not a place to make someone feel uncomfortable or unwanted. we will listen to you, no matter what and will take actions if something goes wrong. having said that, we want to make this a fun enviornment for everyone. be excellent to each other.
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