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silver run lodge
One of the longest running and most often remodeled lodges in Crescent Hills, the Silver Run Lodge is rather emblematic of the town: it has a storied, often ignored history. Multiple murders have been committed here, some known and some unknown to the public. It shut down in 2000 after a well known star died in one of it's room and remained closed until 2012. Under new management, it under went many, many remodelings. Some say that the area was also cleansed as a precaution. But that is gossip, of course, and gossip only.

crescent hills park
Spanning roughly 150 acres, Crescent Hills Park is one of the biggest parks in Big Sur. Composing of mostly woods, Crescent Hills Park, or simply "The Park" as it's affectionately known by the locals, is a gorgeous camping destination. Filled with thick redwoods and bubbling streams it resembles the planet Endor from Star Wars Return of the Jedi, which was filmed not too far away. At the edge of the park is a playground, complete with a slide, swings, a jungle jim, merry-go-round, and club house. There's benches, bbq pits, and campgrounds for both RVs and tents. It's free to camp, but hunting and fishing requires the proper licenses. The Park is opened 24/7 and there's always park rangers on duty.

dusty's diner
Dusty's Diner is the only establishment (other then the hotels) that is open all night. After an agreement was made with the owners of Mollie's, Dusty's became the main place for dinner and late night snacking in Crescent Hills. After they opened their doors in 1954 little has been done to update the dining room. It's been refurbished, of course, but Dusty's diner retains that purely polished look of the post-world war 2 era. This is the place to get your cheeseburgers and fries, malts and shakes. Dusty's is also proud of their rib-eye smothered in mushrooms and potatoes. It is also the only spot you can order a brew besides The State and The Redwood, although they stop serving alcohol at 2 am.

the general store
The people of Crescent Hills are very devoted to their General Store. Opened in the summer of 1898, Crescent Hills General is a staple of the Big Sur lifestyle. It's shaped like a giant log cabin, and inside always smells like honey and cinnamon. "The General" carries everything one would need from shampoo to bug spray, as well as an impressive aisle of hunting goods, including weapons and ammunition. If you're hungry, The General has an array of foods, everything from canned beans, to fresh, whole chickens, you can find whatever you're looking for there. The produce could be fresher, but that's what the farmer's market is for. The manager has been running the store for several decades and his entire family works there, which gives The General a certain homey charm. Oh, and in the summertime, they have the tastiest strawberry pie this side of the sierras!

Crescent Pines Inn
Placed in the heart of downtown, Crescent Pines is one of the oldest buildings in town. Originally built in the late 1890s, it was once called Dark Pines and home to the first tavern and inn. Throughout the years it fell in shambles and eventually was condemned. Then, in the mid 1940s it was bought by the Dovie family and completely renevated. When it re-opened in 1949 it was dubbed Crescent Pines Inn, a tribute to both the town and the original tavern. The building itself matches The General whereas it looks like an overgrown log cabin, with several adjoining cabins. There's a total of 8 regular sized rooms, 1 honeymoon suit, an indoor jacuzzi and sauna, a work out room, outdoor pool (opened in the spring and summer) and bar-b-que pits. The 8 regular sized rooms are stacked on top of each other with 4 to a row, while the honeymoon suit sits off by itself.

One of Crescent Hills most well beloved treasures, Mollie's is your one stop cafe, which also happens to serve the best coffee in town. The first Mollie's was opened up on the edge of town in the early 1920's in a tiny house, owned by Mollie Finster and her husband Wallace Finster. They were famous for the way they brewed their coffee, rich and velvety, strong but not too strong, and their delicious hot cakes. In the mid 1950s Mollie's daughters had taken over and bought a prime piece of property downtown. There they really boomed and became the main spot for breakfast and brunch in Crescent Hills. Their menu is filled with an assortment of breakfast and lunch items only, since Mollie’s is only open from 4:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

The Legacy Lodge
Originally opened in 1944, The Legacy Inn was one of the first hotels in California to have an indoor swimming pool, therefore it was a top vacation stop way back when. However, time was unforgiving to The Legacy and it soon followed The Dark Inn, but without the fortunate outcome of being bought up and refurbished. Instead, The Legacy remained owned by the same family, one which is sometimes whispered about. After all, there have been some strange things that have occurred within the rooms and endless halls of The Legacy Lodge. With it's towering concrete walls, stretching to four floors, it is one of the tallest buildings in downtown Crescent Hills. If it weren't for the sky blue Dutch styled roofs, the Lodge would have little charm. The rooms are dressed to the minimum and guests can charge by the hour.

7 moons
The most peculiar store in Crescent Hills, 7 Moons is well known. It's always well stocked with all sorts interesting things, including candles in every size and color, books on the occult, and specialty items which can be ordered through their website, as well as other services. These services can be solicitated at the customer's own discretion, such as spells and enchantments. When it was first opened in 1988, it was one of the most popular stores in town. Since then it has become a favorite among the locals. The owners stay in an apartment above the store and can be reached at any time via the call button out front.

jane's fashions
The only clothing store in Crescent Hills is Jane's Fashions, a small boutique which specializes in women's wear. There's also men's formal wear, as well as hunting outfits and vests. Jane's also boasts a wide selection of shoes and boots. The owners opened their doors in 1964 as a record store but as the years went on, they began selling more and more clothes. Now, there's still a small selection of records but the majority of their revenue comes from their clothing. Opened from 7 am to 6 pm Jane's is the best spot for clothing outside of Santa Cruz.

worship center and cemetery
There's very few churches in a fifty mile radius, but Crescent Hills Worship Center is by far the best. That's because it's entirely non-denominational, which means there's several different worship rooms, all for different religions. There's a chapel which serves all Bible believers, whether they're Christian, Catholic or Pentecostal. Then there's a room which acts as a mosque where anyone wishing to worship Allah may go. And then there's the wiccan chambers, complete with an alter and candles. This is where bigger rituals can be held if needed. The building is large and unassuming, painted a lovely sienna hue the Crescent Hills Worship Center, or CHWC, is also the home of the only cemetery in town. It sets alongside a hillside, willows and towering oak trees standing sentinel. There is no official pastor or high priest/ess but volunteer led services are often held.

civic center
Crescent Hills expands to roughly fifteen miles, with most of the community centered in downtown. The streets are named after the presidents, Lincoln Avenue is the main drag where most of the bars, restaurants, and bars are located. The Courthouse and Police/Fire Department is on Jefferson St. The closest major city is Monterey, CA. The folks who grew up in Crescent Hills had to commute to Monterey for school, as well as larger super stores such as Target or Walmart. The town is nestled in the redwood forest and there's a lake ten minutes out of town, or you can drive twenty minutes to the ocean. Most of the people in Crescent Hills make their money from the tourism. People come from all over the world to go camping, hunting, and/or fishing.

The Crescent Hills Police Force and Volunteer Fire Department both share a building that's next door to the Courthouse and Town Hall. They occupy their own little block, affectionately called "cop shop corner" or "the donut hole" whichever you prefer. When Crescent Hills was first settled the Town Hall and adjoining Court House was one of the first buildings erected. Since then, they have been rebuilt and other buildings have been added on, including a small jailhouse. There is also a basement holding cell with reinforced silver bars, for what reason is of course anyone's guess. The police department only has a handful of actual cops and the fire department is 100% volunteer ran.

the redwood & the state
There's two main bars in Crescent Hills, The Redwood and The State. The Redwood is a tall two story building that follows the log cabin motif of most of Lincoln Avenue. First opening in 1954, The Redwood is where the locals prefer to spend their down time. With a bar that stretches the length of the bar both upstairs and down, The Redwood is always well stocked with the classics. From Jack to Jim, Turkey to Goose, you can order it at The Redwood, just don't expect a trendy ambiance. If you're after that, you better hit up The State. Known on the hipster Yelp circuit, The State was first opened in 1986 but closed in 1998, until it was bought in 2010 and reopened in 2012. Now one of hottest spots in town, The State doesn't look like much on the outside, the boring brick doesn't even match Lincoln Avenue. But inside it's tastefully decorated to appeal to millennials. With bistro lights and a mirrored bar, The State is the place to be on a Saturday night.

ch animal health center
The only animal clinic in Crescent Hills, the practice offers both urgent services and less urgent appointments. Complex cases, out-of-hours emergency care and animals beyond the practice's scope are referred on to the nearest big city hospitals. There is a six-animal dog kennel round the back of the building.

fitness 8
Housed in the lower level of a remodeled building, Fitness 8 is a recent addition to Crescent Hills. With a range of equipment from free weights to treadmills, Fitness 8 has something for everyone, no matter your fitness level. If solo workouts aren't your thing, a variety of group classes are offered daily. Certified personal trainers are available to help you reach your fitness goals or to recommend a new exercise or routine for you.
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