~paranormals: frequently asked questions.
tl;dr, what is this community about?
it's a supernatural focused murder mystery horror game that's leading up to a an event that runs from march to november of 2016. it has a focus on mysticism, cult killings, and an odd town and it's people.
Sort of. Everyone who has lived in Crescent Hills all their lives knows Crescent Hills isn't your average town, whether it's from direct knowledge to just the feel of the town compared to other places. There seems to always be a ripple of magic hanging in the air, an almost palpable feeling of excitement -- and sometimes dread. The town mayor and sheriff, however, are well aware, as are most of the police and fire department. The police department has a (mostly) a good relationship with the hunters in town, and they tend to help each other out. There are some who're clueless, though -- usually people not from the town, those who are trying as best they can to be ignorant, and those who have had little magical dealings with the town's residents.
Yes, but please contact the Mods. we'll have a seperate post for member submitted places.

As for residential areas, there are five main residential areas: Black Marina, reasonably priced apartments; Red Water Apartments which generally can house middle class residents; Arcadia, a gated community for more of the higher class residents; Crescent Gates, a senior's home, and June Meadows, a trailer park. There is a single community college, Dove Tail Community College. Otherwise, the nearest college is located 30 miles away.
Everyone, except for ghosts, can be killed. Vampires can be killed by staking will a silver spike, decapitation, fire, and sunlight. Weres can be killed by silver bullets, silver stakes, silver blades, or decapitation. Hunters have the same weaknesses as average humans. Witches have basic human weaknesses too, but they're often cloaked in protection spells. To kill a witch, you must get to know them personally to learn their family weaknesses. Gifted humans are also susceptible to human weaknesses.
We Mods have mapped out a storyline which should last until late fall. This is to ensure we don't have a rambling plot with no end in sight. Should the comm flourish, we may go beyond November, but we'll have to see.
can i play another species?
sorry but no. at the moment, the species that are available are what's available. later on in game, we will allow other species based on a first come, first serve basis and a lottery. otherwise, they are not allowed.
why do you have caps? it isn't fair. / how do you read these caps?
we have caps because many supernatural games tend to get out of hand with the supernatural aspect and leave the humans and sometimes the plot in the dust. we want to have the supernatural setting and species but not have it overwhelm anything, including the plot. so they are capped and at the moment, will not be moved. if you're so set on the species, i'd say wait on the sidelines until a slot opens or invites are extended.

as for reading caps, if it reads "10/12 - SPACES OPEN", it means that 10 spaces of a total of twelve spots are open.
dude, can we plot with the npcs?
yes you can! it's actually encouraged; you can engage them for information and plot details. we'd be happy to log them with you guys and include them as much as possible. one of them might even become a full fledged character in the future.
can i app someone connected to the original covens/cult members/town founding members?
yes you can! please run it by the mods for history/certain plot hinging if you're doing so, however. and if you happen to get this slot, we might tap you for future plots. just please be aware that this is also in limited supply and will not be budging.
you mentioned a plot calendar/event sign up. what is that?
plot calendars are meant to outline events in game to keep the ball rolling with development. they can be a full month's worth to just a week or two. we will have sign ups available for each and every one. we need some action going, so if you want a character to be involved, just comment the calendars we post, and get to it! we'll also allow members to contribute to said calendars and plots as we go along. this comm will depend strongly on our members, so don't hesitate to contribute.
is there an age limit on supernaturals?
as long as no one is over 500 years old, it's fine. and please be mindful of dates if you're apping someone who's related to the members of the massacre of '66. there's a lot of odd things out there but we try and keep time running in the same direction.
explain familiars to me, i don't get it.
familiars are witches' magical helpers (usually in the form of a hare, snake, cat, or bird) that they can employ to do their bidding or use in rituals. they are also direct links to their magic; if a familiar is harmed by someone else, than the witch can also carry that harm. witches can also take on certain aspects of their familiars; some witches's skin changes to something more repitilian or bird like; some have their eyes change color when utilizing them. it's totally up to you.
can i play an angel/a god?
no. those are the two supernatural caterogies that we will not have in game no matter the lottery. they add an element that we don't want here.
We allow challenges on spots only, not on play-bys. You can challenge a hold on a vampire/hunter/spirit/witch/were/gifted human, but that's it. No pb challenges.
i was rejected. why?
that can be for a variety of reasons. go ahead and speak to us at the dropbox.
this faq is longer than lord of the rings.
you made it to the end. have a biscuit, potter.
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