~fangers: activtiy and expectations.
intros are like group text messages. imagine a character sitting in the bar or on a hotel bed or in their car bored. create a contact list or a hunter group thing on facebook and ask a question or start a discussion! the way that hunters communicate is largely by phone. yes, we can safely assume some characters may be too grumpy to be happy with group texts but i'd like for everyone to stretch it just a little for the sake of friendliness. you can then go to private texts (customs) to talk! "did you see what so-so said in that group text.." etc. we realize that this and the custom rule is going to take a little belief stretching but please consider it for fun.
customs & custom exchanging.
like intros, customs are different here. customs are more like cellphone posts. the way that hunters communicate is largely by phone. during the day and evening while they're hunting, interviewing people and investigating a lot of them just have access to their phones! so it's fun to consider custom conversations texts or whatever you want them to be. feel free to still put whatever you'd like in them! like contact information, fake phone numbers? or just names and links. when offering or asking for a custom, it should be a phone number exchange! just assume a link is a link to the phone number.
w'd'd like to do a lot here. being a tight knit group, i hope everyone will be open to anything and everything. group threads, plot posts if we're too busy but i hope mostly writing, ffas, custom exchanges, ooc character discussions and development, community playlists, narrative prompts, character building and more. interactive communities tend to do well so if everyone is willing to participate when they can and be encouraging i really think this is going to work out well.
monthly plots.
plots every month revolving around the bar and perhaps a future bunker! opportunities to have some action scenes, attacks on the group as a whole, certain characters going missing and getting possessed while the hunter community has to find them and exorcise them, maybe some natural disaster stuff. yeah, it's gonna get weird but it's gonna be fun.
weekly case assignments.
weekly case announcements will be where i post every sunday evening about cases that need solved across the us. characters can sign up to hunt a wendigo terrorizing a small area in michigan, a shapeshifter in florida that's taken over a family's grandfather, etc. this can hopefully help you guys have ideas on where to place characters or develop plots and stuff around your character as well.